Eat at the Davison Farmhouse Café

The Davison Farmhouse Café is located in the original farmhouse at Davison Orchards. In 1946 Farmer Tom Davison, built a home for his wife, May, where she loved to host her nieces and nephews for tea and treats every afternoon.

Today, the farmhouse is a bustling café offering everything from an amazing latte, to healthy homemade lunches, and of course our famous pies by the slice!

We are especially proud to say that many of our menu items have ZERO food miles, as they are made with ingredients grown and prepared right from our farm! We have indoor seating for about 30 in the rooms of the original home, as well as 2 spectacular patios overlooking the playground, orchards, and our beautiful Okanagan Valley.

Are you on a Special diet? Click here to see our options for those on a Gluten-free Diet. We can make many of our specialty coffees with Almond Milk.


What’s happening on the farm:


Thank you for another fabulous season. See you again in the spring!

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