Antique Tractors

1950 John Deere AR: As with all two cylinder gas John Deere's this one also carries the nickname "Johnny Popper" and tows our famous Johnny Popper Apple Bin Train Ride. The AR is a pulling tractor which was often used on grain farms in the prairie provinces. This particular model came from Unity Saskatchewan from the Rutley family. The Spallumcheen Power Club did some restoration work on it and other individuals helped return this tractor to working order. This tractor sees lots of action every summer as it is the main engine used to pull our Johnny Popper Apple Bin Train.

  • Years of Manufacturing: 1935 – 1952
  • Total Built: 34,075
  • Factory: Waterloo, Iowa, USA
  • Original Price: $2,300 (1951)
  • Engine: Gasoline 2 Cylinder

1952 John Deere 60: Another two cylinder gas engine that has the classic pop-pop sound that is distinctive with these John Deere's. The 60 joined our tractor family in 2007 as we needed a second "Popper" to tow an additional Apple Bin Train for our widely popular farm tour at Davison's. This particular model also came from the prairies in Saskatchewan.

  • Years Produced: 1952 – 1956
  • Total Built: 57,300
  • Factory: Waterloo, Iowa, USA
  • Original Price: $2,500 (1956)
  • Engine: Gasoline 2 Cylinder

1953 Ford Golden Jubilee NAA: This is a beauty! The Ford Jubilee tractor was a special edition built by Ford to celebrate 50 years of excellence. We have actively restored this model with a beautiful paint job and excellent engine maintenance. This was a classic utility tractor that was popular on small farms in BC.

  • Years Produced: 1953
  • Total Built: 128,965
  • Factory: Dearborn, Michigan, USA
  • Original Price: $1576 (1954)
  • Engine: Gasoline 4 Cylinder 2.2L

Massey–Harris 44: A prairie pulling tractor that was perhaps the most popular tractor of the era.

  • Years Produced: 1947 – 1955
  • Total Built: 84,000
  • Factory: Racine, Wisconsin, USA
  • Original Price: $2,952 (1955)
  • Engine: Gasoline 4 Cylinder

1950's Farmall Super A: The super A was a great row crop tractor that was designed for cultivating. This tractor was purchased from Taber, AB where it was used in the corn fields. It is still actively used in our corn fields to this day! Not bad for a tractor that is over 50 years old.

  • Years Produced: 1947 – 1954
  • Total Built: 107,636
  • Factory: Louisville, Kentucky, USA
  • Original Price: $1,400 (1954)
  • Engine: Gasoline 4 cylinder

1960's Farmall Cub: The Cub joined our tractor family from Northern Alberta. This particular tractor was a small model often used for cultivating and doing small jobs around a farm. This tractor earned it's name as a good secondary tractor, good for doing all the small routine jobs.

  • Years Produced: 1947-1979
  • Total Built: Over 200,000
  • Original Price: $545 (1947)
  • Engine: Gasoline 4 Cylinder

Oliver 70: This tractor came from eastern AB and is a classic prairie pulling tractor. It has a six cylinder engine which was particularly unique in that era. Oliver was one of the first producers of the six cylinder engine for tractors.

  • Years Produced: 1935-1948
  • Total Built: 60,000
  • Original Price: $1,614 (1947)
  • Engine: Gasoline 6 Cylinder

John Deere Crawlers: Crawlers were used in the orchards instead of tractors solely because of traction on the hills. The crawlers were built solid, low to the ground, and had efficient power to climb the hills. They also had the ability to pull most farm implements behind them to cultivate fields and spray the orchard. The Crawler was the first machine the Davison's bought as it replaced the use of horses for cultivating.

1944 Lindeman BO Crawler: The Lindeman Crawler was developed in 1933 in Yakima Washington by the Lindeman brothers. It was a John Deere Model BO tractor which was sent without wheels to the Lindeman Company of Yakima, Washington, where the tractors were fitted with tracks. The engine was a horizontal two cylinder petrol/kerosene unit. The power output was 11.8 h.p. at the draw-bar, and 16 h.p. at the pulley. The Crawler has two tanks, one for gas and the other for distillate. John Deere bought out the Lindeman Company in 1946 and the John Deere Model BO Lindeman Crawler tractors were discontinued in 1947 when they were replaced by the John Deere Model MC.

John Deere MC Crawler: This replaced the Model B which was originally designed by the Lindeman brothers. Lindeman continue to develop this tractor but it was now under the Deere banner.

John Deere Three Roller 40: This was the next step from the MC Crawler. It was commonly used in the forests for skidding logs, though it was not designed for this purpose. This was the exact model the Davisons used on their farm when it was purchased in 1953. In the sprng of 2008 it was 55 years since they moved from real horse power to power equipment.

John Deere Four Roller 40: This model improved on the Three Roller by giving it a longer track as well as more traction and stability.

Oliver HG crawler 47 or 48: This model was primarily used for farming but had several variations in its design for different applications. The particular model we have was designed and used particularly for orchard work.

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