Who Is Leah?

I am a farmer's daughter. I am a fourth generation Davison (daughter of Tom & Tamra, granddaughter of Bob & Dora).

I am a mama to 2 extremely energetic, ravenously-hungry preschoolers.

I am a wife to Ryan, who works at a Bible College and brings over lots of hungry students.

I am a lover of food. Good food. Real food, preferably made with ingredients grown right here on our farm by my dad and brothers.

I want to make healthy, local meals - but these recipes can't be taking all day.

What I share here are the recipes from my kitchen table. Real and honest meals that average people can get around to making…maybe even tonight.

Luckily for me I learned from the best! My sisters, mom, mother-in-law and grandmas are all busy too and cook some of the best scratch meals of all time. Most of what I make are the family recipes I got from them.

If you have a question, you can find us on our Davison Orchards Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages most everyday.

Happy Cooking,


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Thanks to YOU - our loyal customers for a great 2017 season. See you May 1st, 2018!

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