We, Davison Girls, all love to cook and even more so, we love to eat! Join us here for recipes inspired by the amazing produce grown right here on our farm. We share simple recipes using farm fresh produce (the star ingredients are grown right here on our farm). Real and honest meals that everyday people can enjoy making…even tonight!

Dora Davison (Nana) – 2nd generation

I grew up cooking, first to help my mom, then to feed my family. Now the family working at the farm migrates to our home at lunchtime. I enjoy connecting with everyone and get an update on what’s happening in the market and fields. Occasionally, I can still be in seen in the bakery making apple slice or many of the other sheet cakes we serve. For me, cooking is as much about connecting with friends and family as it is about eating!


Tamra Davison – 3rd generation

I am Tom’s wife, Bob and Dora’s only son. I am a city girl turned farmer, and what a privilege it is! It has been an incredible place to raise our family and learn about farming.

I am passionate about the food we grow on our farm. I enjoy making simple old-fashioned recipes that capture the amazing flavour of field fresh produce. I also love to preserve fruit and vegetables in the peak of the season to enjoy year-round. This allows us to eat our farm-grown food throughout the year and truly make the most of the harvest.


Leah Campbell – 4th generation

Leah Campbell

I am a farmer's daughter. I am a fourth generation Davison (daughter of Tom & Tamra, granddaughter of Bob & Dora). I am a wife to Ryan, who works at a Bible College and brings over lots of hungry students. I’m a mama to two extremely energetic, ravenously-hungry boys. I am a lover of food – real food, preferably made with ingredients grown right here on our farm by my dad and brothers.


Laura Shaw – 4th generation

I have many memories as a young girl being in the kitchen. Watching mom, 'helping mom', sitting on the stool and learning from mom. I think I've always liked to be in the kitchen! I'm probably more of a baker than a chef, but let's be honest, there's three meals a day that need to be cooked!

I now have a busy, noisy, messy house of my own filled with three little boys and one big boy – so food is naturally a big part of each day. I do enjoy cooking, but whenever I have a spare moment, or just a tad bit of extra energy, my first move is always to procrasti-bake. I may not have a clean house, but it's safe to say I have a sweet-smelling kitchen. Loving people through feeding them is what my family has always done and I'm proud to carry on that wholesome tradition!


Danica Davison – 4th generation

I rarely cook at home, but I do spend most of my days cooking!

I have the privilege of cooking for hundreds of people every day. During the school year, it’s all the students at Millar College of the Bible. And in the summer, it’s all the campers at Sunnybrae Bible Camp in the beautiful Shuswap area. I look forward to sharing a few a my favourite recipes. My sisters are the bakers – I’m the chef!


Rachel Davison – 4th generation

I am married to Lance, Tom and Tamra's only son. I grew up on a farm in the Prairies, where eating fresh local food was not something that was thought about, but a way of life. Growing up in a large family, baking and cooking were not only a necessity, but also a way to preserve heritage. Most of my favourite recipes are ones that have been passed down from generation to generation, both from mine and my husband’s families. My children love to help in the kitchen; it is a privilege to be able to teach them about their past, present, and future, through food.

Happy cooking!

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Thank you for another fabulous season. See you again in the spring!

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