This apple was born from a chance seedling in the sun-drenched Okanagan, just south of us in Summerland B.C. The seedling appeared among a row of Jonagold apples and developed into a healthy tree. In the early 1990's, this tree had its first fruit. In Greek mythology, 'Ambrosia' means 'food of the gods'. Ambrosia are now grown all over the world and available in stores worldwide.


The Ambrosia is a delight for all senses, the juicy apple with it's red blush it's a firm favourite to the Davison family. The flavour is pleasant and sweet, the texture is crisp, but a softer crunch than might be found in a Golden Delicious. This apple is great for those who prefer sweet over sour.

The Ambrosia is a low-acidic apple making it easy for kids and grandparents to digest. This medium sized apple can be identified by it's red flush over it's yellow background.

Harvest Availability

The Ambrosia is considered a 'mid season' apple ripening for harvest in early September. They require cool night and warm sunny days to develop their glowing appearance and incredible taste; the Okanagan is the perfect place to grow this variety.

Best uses

The Ambrosia is a spectacular fresh eating apple and can be kept fresh if you store them in the crisper of your refrigerator to help the apples maintain their flavour and texture. This apple does not oxidize or turn brown quickly which makes it a great ingredient for fruit salads.

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