Davison Gala


The Davison Gala was discovered right here at Davison Orchards in 2005. We noticed that one odd branch of a Royal Gala tree had apples that were considerably brighter and redder than any of the other Galas in our orchards. This was a natural adaption that came about by chance, and we were just lucky enough to notice it!

Tom Davison carefully cut shoots from this branch, and then propagated them by grafting them to another rootstock. (Grafting means to cut off small piece off one tree and attach it to a different tree's root stock). It has taken 10 years, but we now have thousands of Davison Gala trees, all grafted by hand and all coming from that one original branch.

We grow many of these trees on our farm, but they are now even grown by other orchardist across the province.


The Davison Gala has a very consistent deep red colour, with a subtle striped pattern. The Davison Gala is much redder than the traditional Gala.

It has an amazing fresh sweet taste with a moderate firmness.

One of the more notable features of the Davison Gala is that is can stay crisp for longer. The Royal Gala is a reasonably good keeper, but the Davison Gala is even better.

Harvest Availability

The Davison Gala is picked approximately 10 days earlier than a traditional Gala. The average time of harvest is in early September.

Best uses

Like all Gala apples, the Davison variety has fantastic flavour for fresh eating. They are also great in baking and pies as they hold their shape very well even when baked.

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