Golden Delicious


The Golden Delicious apple was discovered in the early 1900's on the Mullins family farm in West Virginia. In 1916 the 'Golden' was introduces commercial as a companion to the Red Delicious (although the two varieties are not related at all). The parents of the Golden Delicious are unclear but it is thought that It could be a relative of the Goldren Reinette or Grimes Golden.


The Golden Delicious is large and slightly oblong with a cheerful yellow skin dotted with light brown freckles. If you find it in the grocery store, the apple may appear more of a green color meaning it was picked too early to improve it's self life. If cool nights come before the harvest, the Golden Delicious can even have a bright pink blush.

The flavour of a Golden Delicious is not exactly complex but it certainly pleasant. It is mostly sweet, has an apple juice like tartness to it. It is thin skinned, easy to bite into and consistently sweet and crisp with a silky texture.

Harvest Availability

The Golden Delicious is planted in all major apple growing areas of the world, in the North Okanagan we receive a heavy crop in mid September lasting about a month. Because Golden's are grown all over the world, they are often picked pre-ripe for shipping, as a rule of thumb, 'if it aint yellow, don't buy it'!

Best uses

The Golden Delicious and it's sweet-tart flavour can be enjoyed fresh and has the necessary stability to be used in apple baking. Most notably, it is the apple of choice for baby food because of it's low acidity making it easier to digest.

The Golden Delicious is also a Davison family favourite for making applesauce and apple juice!

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