Davison Honeycrisp


The Honeycrisp was developed in the apple-breeding program at the University of Minnesota. Nearly discarded, someone finally recognized it's unique flavour. It has now taken the apple world by storm!


'When you bite into a Honeycrisp, one perfect, bite size chunk cleaves effortlessly into your mouth with a snap. Sweet juice sprays across your taste buds – an effect of the exceptionally large and turgid cells which pop like caviar.' – Rowan Jacobsen

Davison Honeycrisp are the most northerly grown Honeycrisp in BC and are known for their large to jumbo size and it's incredible flavour. They have a light green/yellow background largely covered with red-orange flush with a strong hint of pink. The skin may even have russet colored speckles on them. Their flesh is white with density and crispness.

The flavour of the Honeycrisp is what makes it one of our most popular varieties. It is sweet with hardly any trace of acidity. This is a great example of a juicy and instantly refreshing apple. It is genuinely crisp and crunchy; however, the crunch is surprisingly light because of the apple's unique flesh.

Harvest availability

Although we are so far north to be growing Honeycrisp, these apples love our hot summers and are ready for harvest early in September. They keep relatively well in cold storage and retain their crispness.

Best uses

Our Honeycrisp is famous for devouring out of hand. The flavour holds great in dehydrated apples, is delicious in Apple Sauce, but is not recommended for baking.

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