Considered as one of the best achievement of modern apple breeding, the Jonagold was bred at Cornell University and takes the traits of both parent varieties, the Golden Delicious and Jonathan.


The Jonagold is a big, round, red apple with yellow freckles showing through. It is shiny, and the vertical stripping on top of the creamy yellow color makes the Jonagold a really beautiful apple.

It has strong sweet and sour juices blending together to make a delicious flavour. It's aromatic honey flavouring from the Golden Delicious perfectly compliments the flavour of the Jonathan. The Jonagold is much like the Golden Delicious, crisp and juicy when first picked and slowly tenderizing over several weeks.

Harvest Availability

Jonagold's are not the best keepers but are fresh and delicious in late September and early October.

Best Uses

The Jonagold is considered one of the great baking apples because it stays quite firm! It's is tasty out of hand and one of the more flavourful dried apples – tart, sweet, and a hint of ginger.

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