The McIntosh has been enjoyed since 1811 when John McIntosh discovered the first seedling in Deundela, Ontario. John McIntosh cleared land on his farm near the USA border and transplanted the seedling near his farmhouse and the apple tree became locally famous.


The classic Mac is a shiny yin-yang swirl of green and cherry red, very charming looking at a basket of apples or even a full bin. Some of the apples can even get a little stripey and the lower half can get speckled with green dots. Macs are considered a medium sized apple, but tend to grow to an amazing size on our sunny slopes.

While eating a Mac, you'll experience a cider like taste, an edge of fermented flavour. They are savoury and have the slightest edge of curry, which lingers on your lips. Its tender and white flesh has a sweet and tart tang and juice that will satisfy the taste buds of all ages.

Harvest Availability

McIntosh will be harvested at the beginning of September with availability running until Thanksgiving weekend. This is why the McIntosh is thought of as a very traditional harvest variety.

Best Uses

The McIntosh is superb for making fresh cider and applesauce. This apple is of course excellent for eating fresh, or using in salads and pies. One hint for making pies, The McIntosh's tender flesh cooks down quickly so add a thickener if you're making a pie.

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