Known in the USA as the Crispin apple, the Mutsu is a cross between the Golden Delicious and the Indo. It is a popular dessert apple in Japan where it was first developed in 1930 and is referred to as the 'million dollar apple'.


Like the Incredible Hulk, the Mutsu is massive, green, and strangely lovable. The massive bulk hides a sweet demeanour, which you can't call complex, but it really is reliable and consistent! Whenever you try it, you are guaranteed a joyous crunch filled with the Golden Delicious style honey aromas.

The Mutsu is very sweet with a pear-water aromas reminiscent of Golden Delicious. There is some tartness and even a touch of astringency, but mostly, eating a Mutsu is like eating watermelon. It has an ultra-crisp flesh that snaps apart to release runnels of clear fruit juice.

Harvest Availability

The Mutsu has a rather short season and is available in October.

Best Uses

The Mutsu is famously good fresh and equally excellent in pies. It can be sliced and baked, hollowed out and stuffed, battered and fried or slow cooked into a sauce. Tom Davison considers the Mutsu to be the best apple for apple sauce.

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