The Silken was first introduced in 1999 from the Summerland Research Center just south of us in the Okanagan valley. The Silken is an amazing eating apple developed out of a cross between two popular apple varieties, the Honeygold and Sunrise.


The Silken is one of Farmer Tom's favourite apples and is well known for it's outstanding texture and flavour. Its white flesh is firm, it's crisp and juicy, it's aromatic and sweet, and it has a moderate acidity. With a hint of honey taste, it's amazing texture, and early season, the Silken is a favourite apple for many people.

Although the Silken only has a short Harvesting Season, it grows to a medium size and can be identified by its cream colour and thin, almost translucent skin.

Harvest availability

The Silken is an early to mid season apple ready for Harvest in late August to early September

Best uses

Because of it's amazing taste with a hint of honey, the Silken is a fantastic fresh eating apple! After harvest, it can keep for approximately 4 weeks if refrigerated.

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