The Spartan is a cross with the McIntosh apple from the apple-breeding program at the Pacific Agri-food Research Center in Summerland BC. The Spartan is known as one of the few varieties that grow in northern climates that can also grow in the UK where it is a popular garden apple.


Medium in size, the Spartan varies from bright red to a deep purple-red depending on the length of time it tree ripens. Its crisp white flesh is aromatic and exceptionally juicy with a balanced sweet succulent and tart flavour.

The Spartan is a favourite for children; it is a McIntosh style apple that is crisp and juicy when it's picked straight from the tree.

Harvest Availability

The Spartan is harvested in late September and is a good 'keeper' if kept refrigerated.

Best Uses

The Spartan is an excellent cooking and dessert apple. It's firm flesh holds it's shape and maintains it's sweet flavour when baked into pies and crisps. In addition to baking, the Spartan is also a great apple for juicing and eating fresh!

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