Davison Farmhouse Bakery

Our Bakery mixes more than sugar, flour, and a variety of seasonal flavours! The Davison Farmhouse Bakery brings together decades of baking experience, many delicious ingredients grown on our farm, and a passionate team of bakers.

Nana Davison and granddaughter Laura, lead a team of enthusiastic staff who bake all morning and afternoon to produce fabulous treats, which are all displayed, and for sale in the Market.

Baked goods with a variety of fresh fruits grown at our farm!

What makes the big difference in our Bakery? Not only do we operate a farm and bakery, we also use many of the fresh fruits that we grow in the fields in our pies, cakes, muffins and other treats. Strawberry muffins with berries from our field, Plum Cake with Plums off the trees, and Apricot Slice with freshly picked Apricots, just to name a few.

Our Bakery products change as the seasons do! Enjoy Strawberry products in the Spring, Peach and Cherry throughout the Summer, an Apple focus in September, and of course Pumpkin in October. There are also many of our specialty products in the Bakery all season long and delicious treats for all ages.

Baking Instructions

Click the above photo for instructions on how to bake our frozen goods.

Our pies have the reputation of being the best in the country, and our Deep Dish Apple Pie leads the product line.

Our Apple Pies feature a variety of ‘baking apples’ that we grow (when in season), we peel, we core, we slice, and we bake into our famous pie. Talk about a process! Anyone can make an apple pie but ours features an exciting process of apples picked by hand, peeled here, and made by hand.

Others say our pastries are the best they’ve had and is what separates our pies from others. Our pastry recipe comes from many years of trial and error and is made fresh daily. Our bakers pride themselves on the delicious pastry they make, using whole ingredients, and offering a delicious and a ‘melt in your mouth’ effect.

Homemade filling, homemade pastry, and passion creates a great pie. You can buy a freshly baked pie from the Market, a frozen pie to take home and bake later in the season, or a slice of pie from the Davison Farmhouse Cafe.

Our Farm is influenced by the seasons and so are the fresh items produced by our Bakery. Using many of our own fresh fruits, handmade pastry, and 3 generations worth of recipes, we bake to the season.

While many of our most famous bakery items are available all season long, some are specific to the season. From May 1st till October 31st we have a variety of fresh breads, our Deep Dish Apple Pie, Bumbleberry Pie, Apple Crumble Pie, Nana’s Apple Bread, Butter Tarts, Carrot Cake, Apple Slice, and a variety of Scones and Muffins,

May and June: Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, Strawberry White Chocolate Scone, Strawberry Cream Muffin

July and August: Cherry Chocolate Scone, Cherry Pie, Peach Apricot Slice, Peach Pie, Peaches n’Cream Muffin, Lemon Blueberry Scone

September and October: Apple Pie, Apple Slice, Apple Struesel Muffin, Caramel Crumble Slice, Pumpkin Muffin, Pumpkin Cake, Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Scone.

Our Cannery is responsible for the Caramel Apple production in September and October. Come through the market and enjoy a taste of fall!

We realize you may be traveling from afar or stocking up for the season, so in addition to our fresh bakery treats, we also offer pre-made and frozen pies, pie shells, and dough balls!

Our Deep Dish Apple Pie, Bumbleberry Pie, and Apple Crumble pie are made, frozen and ready to bake. Buy a frozen pie to stock up for the off-season or bring one home with you if you’re traveling and you can create your own Farmhouse Bakery in your Kitchen. Enjoy a delicious pie with flavours of the Okanagan all year long.

Our frozen pie shells take the hard work out of baking a pie. It is guaranteed you’ll be able to make a delicious pie with your own flavours and we do the hard work. Save some pie shells through the winter and you can use them for holiday baking or special meals. Check out Nana’s famous Meat Pie recipe, for one of our families favourite recipes and a winter use for frozen pie shells.

We can talk and talk about our pie dough, and how it makes our pies legendary and delicious. Now, you can make a homemade pie without the hassle of making a pastry, we do that for you! We sell our dough balls frozen and in packs of 4 which makes 2 double crusted pies or 4 single shelled pies.

Baking instructions are included in the frozen pies! We are happy to offer you instructions for the pie shells and pie dough but will never give up our Apple Pie recipe!

Make sure you do not defrost the pie! Bake it from Frozen Preheat your oven to 350. Bake for 1 3/4 - 2 hours or until golden brown and the filling is thick and bubbling. The time in the oven varies because of the difference in ovens. If desired, glaze the pie with an eggwash glaze and sprinkle with sugar before baking for the last 10 minutes or so. Enjoy!

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Thank you for another fabulous season. See you again in the spring!

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