Our Management Team

Tom and Tamra Davison Tom and Tamra Davison

There is no one more passionate, creative, determined and hardworking than Tom and Tamra Davison. As 3rd generation Davisons, the two have worked tirelessly together to bring their dream of Davison Orchards into fruition. They are our examples and leaders. Tamra oversees the retail and marketing while Tom oversees the farming, produce packing and apple juice production.

Bob and Dora Davison Bob and Dora Davison

2nd generation Davison, Bob and Dora have worked the Davison Orchard's soil their entire lives. They are the farm grandparents and can be found making treats in the bakery, on the Johnny Popper Tours, in the gardens or up at the animals. Come and ask Grandpa Bob to tell you a story or five!

Lance Davison Lance Davison

A 4th generation Davison, Lance has dreamed of nothing else but farming. He (and his wife, Rachel) returned to the farm in 2012 after finishing a diploma in Horticulture from Olds College. As the Production Manager, he works closely with long time employee Mehmood and is excited about growing fruit and veg bringing new innovation and energy as a young farmer.

Kevin Shaw Kevin Shaw

Kevin is married to Laura, a 4th generation Davison, and joined our farm full-time in 2012 . With a background in mechanical engineering, he is our family farmer-in-training and serves every area as our 'solutions provider'. There is no tractor, computer or broken piece of equipment he cannot fix! You can also find Kevin organizing our apple fundraiser program, in the Produce Barn or driving the tractor for our Johnny Popper Tours.

Laura Shaw Laura Shaw

A 4th generation Davison, Laura joined the farm full time in 2011 after completing a degree in Business Administration from Okanagan College. She works closely with our retail managers, but you might find her baking pies in the bakery with Jenn and her amazing team, working in the market or upstairs in the office. She loves the diversity of her job and having the opportunity to work with such a great team of managers. When Laura’s not busy at the farm she is more than busy at home, raising her three boys, Caleb. Levi and Jacob

Lorraine Sinclair Lorraine Sinclair

Lorraine's hard work and administration keeps our Gift Shop shelves full and looking good. She is the Gift Shop manager and organizes the inventory of our Specialty Foods section as well. She works closely with our sampling team providing free samples to taste everyday! She is the one to thank for the delicious samples and knows our products in and out!

Raelene Zabolotniuk Raelene Zabolotniuk

Passionate about delicious food and making that food from scratch, Raelene is our Food Services manager and keeps us all well-fed and happy. Raelene oversees the Café and Preserve Production and coordinates all the extra food for festivals and special events. We are all challenged to keep up to the fast pace Raelene works at.

 Betti Wiens Betti Wiens

Betti is entering her 3rd season in the Cannery. She has been instrumental in making sure the Cafe has the items their menu promises, and always leads a dedicated team that strives for product excellence. Oh yes, and how could we forget about those caramel apples? She has to plan the Cannery Operations around caramel apples, fudge making, and Apple Cider donut making.

Katya Chirkoff Katya Chirkoff

Katya is starting her 2nd season at Davison Orchards, and is the Cafe Manager. Her favourite part of Davison Orchards is the joy that people experience when they are here, whether visiting for the 50th time or here for their first time.

Justin Patterson Justin Patterson

Justin is our Director of Retail Operations and motivates his staff to become "DAY MAKERS" in our market and retail areas. He oversees the market team and demonstrates to them about how to be proactive about seeing the needs of our customers and ensuring everyone's experience at Davison Orchards is a memorable one.

Reuben Pickering

Reuben is new to the position of Office Administrator this year but is not new to our farm. In previous years, you may have seen him in the fields, packing shed, juice press, produce barn, or driving the Johnny Popper for our Orchard Tours. A man of many talents, we're excited to add Reuben to our administrative team. He'll be managing inventory, arranging tour/event bookings, and overseeing farm communications among other things!

Jenn Macleod Jenn Macleod

Jenn is entering her 6th season at Davison Orchards. Her favourite part of the orchards is watching families, new and returning, enjoy all that we have to offer. As the Bakery Manager, she enjoys building a strong foundation with staff while watching and helping them grow and learn. Her advice to new staff is "ask questions because there is no such thing as a silly question, smile lots and have fun!"

This is what directs our decision making with our staff, customers and products.

We are hardworking. As the farmers before us, we believe there is no substitution for hard work, perseverance and patience.

Our environment is wholesome; in the words we speak, in our personal appearance, in the way we conduct ourselves, in the organizations we align ourselves with, in our professionalism.

We are people of integrity. This is demonstrated in how we treat our team members, our customers, and our suppliers. It is seen in our calculations, record keeping and reporting.

We treat each other with respect. While roles differ, each individual is critical to the success of the vision of Davison Orchards. We value each team member, their dignity and their contribution.

We serve one another. We believe the effectiveness of our team and atmosphere is at its best when we put others’ needs ahead of our own.

We believe cleanliness cultivates excellence. Our workspace, our uniform and our grounds are kept neat and tidy, exceeding expectations and regulations.

We deliver and expect quality; in our inputs, in our products, in the service to our guests.

We are teachable. Always learning, always looking to improve, always listening.

We function as a team with grace; we understand that our vision and values can only be accomplished when we work together.

'No team is a team with out back-up support. We need a great team behind each of our leaders and could not be on top of the all the things we do without them. Our staff all work hard and yet find time to serve our customers with great care and a friendly smile. We truly appreciate each and every one of them!'

- Tom and Tamra Davison

"Friendly staff, amazing food, beautiful scenery, this is on our top 10 list of things to do every summer we visit Vernon."

"One of our Favorite spots in the Okanagan! We go there and get our pumpkins and our apple pies!"

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Closed for the Season. See you May 1st 2019!!

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